Through the efforts of the international
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Through the efforts of the international marketing team, Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. successively won the large bids for handling equipments from the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Food in Venezuela. The total sum for the delivery of forklifts reached RMB 140 million Yuan, creating a new historical record for Heli forklifts in terms of wining overseas bids.


In the process of carrying out the projects in the bids, the international marketing team got the support from the superiors and Heavy Duty Equipment Department in the company. As the last flow of HELI forklifts, 78 sets in total were transported to Port of Puerto Cabello and Port of La Guaira in the end of May, 2012 and put into use after the delivery in the end of June, the whole program was fulfilled perfectly. On June 22, the General Superintendent of the ports in Venezuela inspected the port and terminal equipment project of Sea & Air Transport Division, to which all the HELI forklifts were delivered, and praised highly on the performance of HELI forklifts.


Heli forklifts entering Venezuelan market in mass not only enhanced the occupying rate of HELI forklifts on the local market, but also reinforced the influence of HELI brand in Venezuela, laying a sound foundation for HELI forklifts to expand further on the market in Venezuela.(Source from

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